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Brandon Veterinary Clinic is pleased to provide our clients with the most advanced in-clinic bloodwork analyzers available in veterinary medicine. In years past, blood samples had to be sent out to laboratories, and the results were not available for several days. Fortunately, veterinary medicine and technology has progressed to the point that we are able to able to obtain liver and kidney values, along with complete blood counts in less than 30 minutes.

Liver and kidney values along with complete blood counts are invaluable for our doctors, as they are able to provide us with important information that cannot be seen from the outside of a pet.

These values are often indicators of disease and can help our doctors diagnose certain issues earlier; giving pets a better opportunity for treatment.

In the event of an emergency or critical care situation, our caring doctors and staff can determine how a pet’s organs are functioning, and what the red and white cell counts are, along with the availability of platelets for clotting.

These values can be found with a matter of minutes at our clinic, meaning our doctors can begin treatment immediately.

Bloodwork prior to surgery is highly recommended, and it is what we do for our own pets. Liver and kidney values can help our doctors determine how well your pet may respond to anesthesia, and surgery may be delayed until your pet is ready for surgery.

Finally, yearly blood values are important for your pet as this information can help our doctors find underlying issues earlier. Preventative care is always less expensive than treatment, and organ function and blood counts can help our doctors find small issues before they become serious.

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