Digital Radiography

One of the most important veterinary innovations in the last ten years is the advent of digital radiography. Digital radiography is an advanced version of traditional x-ray systems that provides incredibly clear bone, joint and organ images, without chemicals used to develop film and minimal exposure to radiation for pets. These images are available in seconds, allowing our doctors to begin immediate treatment as needed. In extreme cases, these images can be emailed to specialists for further evaluation along with our doctors.

Radiography or x-rays are an important diagnostic tool for the experienced veterinarians at Brandon Veterinary Clinic. Radiographs can capture images of almost any organ in the body including the heart, abdomen and lungs, as well as bones and joints. X-rays are non-invasive and painless, and the levels of radiation needed are extremely low and safe. If your pet has an issue that would require a radiograph, you can trust the experienced doctors at Brandon Veterinary Clinic to provide compassionate care for your pet.